A dining guide for Ottawa, Canada's Capital
city, and neighbouring communities on both
sides of the Ontario/Quebec border.

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  • To let Freddie know about your dining experiences, click on "About my dining experience" below:

    Freddie's main intention is to provide a guide to those who want to try new or better dining experiences at prices that seem to be in line with the total package, the food, the service and the ambiance. The lifeblood of this site is its contributors so this site is what you make it.

    Contributions will be credited with your name and e-mail address. They will also be dated to let readers know how fresh the experience is. If you prefer your e-mail address not be listed, let Freddie know and he will exclude it.

    Freddie needs up-to-date restaurant reviews from those who count, the paying customers who've tried the food and experienced the service. Many past submissions, while they still may reflect what's happening today, are getting dated. If in doubt or to get more info on a place that's either listed or not in this site, check out the other dining web sites. If you'd like to see what other dining sites are saying, click on:

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    Disclaimer Thingy
    Please Note:

    Frugal Freddie needs your dining experiences to make this a useful place to compare notes on the good, the bad and, in some cases, the downright ugly in dining adventures.

    Because he hasn't received the participation needed to share with other diners the good and the bad of Ottawa area local dining, many of the reviews in this web site are primarily of historical interest.

    For this reason, Freddie recommends that you consult the Other Dining Sites links for other possibly more recent perspectives if the reviews on this site seem questionable in the fullness of time passed since they were made.

    Whether you like to eat high-off-the-hog, go a bit zany over zucchini or eat higher-off-the-heffer, let Freddie know how your choice of restaurant faired out.

    If you find a place that meets or exceeds your expectations and is frugal in giving value for money in service and food fare, let others know about it.

    Let's share our great or not-so-great dining experiences. If you were unhappy with the experience, let us know how the restaurant management took care of your complaint.

    The customer reviews on any restaurants covered here, either good or bad, represent the individual experiences, tastes and expectations of the writer and may or may not be an exceptional situation. The comments are offered simply as a guide in selecting a dining exploration experience and the provider of this service does not assume any liability for errors or ommissions. The best way to confirm whether a restaurant is to your particular satisfaction is to try it out.

    Responsibility for any innacuracies in the content of this site is limited to correcting them on being informed of the accurate information.

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    Links are provided without charge for use on a due diligence basis. Frugal Freddie and the host provider, NCF accept no responsibility or liability for content accuracy, suitability or performance claims and ads made by any third parties this free service links to.

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